About Us

Organically Wicked is based out of Covington, Louisiana. We are a mom and daughter duo who love all things luxe and eco-friendly. We officially started our brand in the beginning of 2021, after losing our jobs amidst the pandemic. After months of planning, prepping and testing, OW Candles & Tingz was born. 


Hey, I'm Rhegan! I have an energetic 3 year old baby boy and I love all things social media and graphic design. I worked at Victoria's Secret for 7 years in sales and marketing, and worked multiple positions within the company to my final position as Assistant Store Manager. I am the mastermind behind our branding, labels, and social media platforms. I'm so excited to be creating my own natural, soy candles and bath/body products in the near future! I am all for self care and using nourishing and eco-friendly products that are healthy for you and the environment. 

I'm Tonya! I love searching high and low for all our unique vessels and I take the lead in hand pouring all of our products. I like to think of myself as a chemist, mixing and creating our one of a kind fragrances. After working in Corporate America for the past 25 years, I realized that I needed a change of pace. I've always wanted to be my own boss and I am ecstatic to be working alongside my daughter. Hand pouring our candles and products has shown to be extremely freeing and therapeutic. I hope y'all love and appreciate our products as much as we do making them. 


We create non-toxic, natural soy candles that are not only safe for your body, but also your children and pets. You won’t have to think twice about our products not being healthy and best for you. Our products are handmade in small batches with phthalate free fragrance, dried botanicals & 100% natural essential oils. We pride ourselves in using unique vessels that are not only beautiful candles, but that can also be repurposed and reused as home decor to reduce waste. We love creating luxurious products that are also sustainable, and we are always researching ways on how we can be better to the planet. Please email us at organicallywicked@gmail.com for business inquiries such as wholesale orders, gift boxes and wrapping, wedding favors, baby showers, etc.