About Organically Wicked

We love our products like our people:non-toxic. Organically Wicked is a women owned, mother/daughter brand. We create soy candles, wax melts and room sprays that are made with all natural ingredients which make for a cleaner and longer burn time—all while smelling delicious. Each product is hand poured in small batches, carefully made with you in mind. 

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Organically Wicked

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Organically Wicked Gift Card

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Scent List

Aloha Baby!: Smells like a soft, tropical oasis with notes of white tea, mango, pineapple, and sweet cardamom.

Baecation: Smells like spring and summer in a candle! Notes of sea salt, orchid, santal and coconut.

Barbershop: Smells fresh and clean like aftershave, with notes of mint, bergamot, tobacco, and grapefruit. 

Big Zaddy: Notes of spice, warm amber, fresh green. Smells like egyptian amber and a sexy man.

Black Boy Joy: Notes of lemon lime, coconut, teakwood and bamboo. Smells like mahogany coconut & bamboo.

#Blessed: Notes of earthy frankincense, myrrh and warm vanilla sugar. Smells very comforting and calming with hints of vanilla.   

Boss Babe: Sultry, sexy and warm. Notes of black orchid, cashmere and dark vetiver. 

Candy Rain: Smells like the throwback fan favorite scent, Sweet Pea. Juicy, and floral with notes of sweet pear, raspberry and wild honeysuckle.  

Cartoons & Chill: Notes of cereal milk, sweet orange, and tangy cherry. Smells like Froot Loops. 

Christmas Kisses: Smells like Christmas with notes of peppermint, evergreen and cedarwood. Imagine Christmas trees mixed with a hint of sweetness.

Cuddle Buddy: Smell's like your man's hoodie or flannel. Masculine and fresh with notes of bergamot, mahogany and musk. 

Deja Boo: A spooky combination of sweet and spicy. Smells like black currant, fiery cinnamon, and dark amber.

Go Shawty, it's Ya Birthday/Happy Birthday B*tch: Tell your loved one or bestie Happy Birthday! Notes of buttercream, strawberries, and vanilla bean.   

Hurricane SZN: Notes of lily, jasmine, hibiscus and musk. Smells like freshly picked lilies. Very sweet, like baby bottle pops...if you're a 90's baby then you know. 

I got that Fall Feelin': Smells just like fall with notes of patchouli, fireside and marshmallows. 

In Bloomsoft, subtle and sweet with notes of floral jasmine, black coconut & sandalwood.

It's a Vibe: Smells like calming lavender, vanilla bean and cleansing sage

Just Breathe: Notes of pineapple, sage, eucalyptus and rosemary. Smells like pineapple & wooden foliage.

Leather & Lace: A little sweet, sultry and seductive with notes of leather, warm cashmere, and freesia

Let's Get Figgy: Warm and cozy with a hint of sweetness, with notes of carmelized brown sugar, fresh fig, and coconut milk.

Lemon Berry Twist: Smells like buttery lemon pound cake and blueberry cobbler all mixed in one. Citrusy and fresh with a hint of sweetness.

Mardi Gras Mambo: Happy Mardi Gras SZN! King cake in a candle, smells like vanilla buttercream, cinnamon sugar and clove.

Moody Monday: Dark and moody with notes of rose, palo santo and frankincense.

Nola: Notes of butter rum, clove and brown sugar. Smells like crème brûlée. 

Oatmilk & Honey: Smells like a warm hug. Notes of warm oatmeal and sweet honey. 

Pillow Talk: Masculine, sexy and so seductive with notes of woodsy vanilla, lavender, smoke and spice. 

Pour it Up: Just like Rihanna said 😏 this is scent is packed with bubbly champagne, juicy strawberries & peaches. Perfect to light before a night out.

Pumpkin Berry Pancakes: Smells like delicious blueberry pumpkin pancakes with notes of pumpkin spice, blueberries and ginger.

Shea Butter Baby: Notes of cocoa butter, jasmine, cedar wood, & patchouli. Smells like cocoa butter and patchouli. 

Sleigh All Day: smells like white birch, eucalyptus and cedar musk. The perfect holiday scent!

Spiked: A delicious holiday scent with notes of amaretto, buttercream, chai and clove. 

The Boardwalk: Smells a lil fruity and a lil salty. Like you're at Coney Island or a State Fair. A blend of salt water taffy, banana, peach, waffle cone and chocolate amber. 

Vanilla Bliss: Smells like soft french vanilla

Woke AF: Notes of soothing and refreshing peppermint, eucalyptus and spearmint. This scent will for sure wake you up! Gives aromatherapy vibes.


Candle Care

  • When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the container. Depending on the container size, this should take around 1-3 hours.
  • Failure to do this will often cause "tunneling" which will limit the life of your new soy candle.
  • Soy wax does not burn as hot as paraffin wax, so soy wax candles require a thicker wick, which does not burn 100% and needs to be trimmed regularly (can use your fingers to pinch the old wick or wick trimmers).
  • Aim to trim your wick to about 1/4"/6-8mm before you re-light your candle. This will ensure a long lasting candle, minimize soot and remove any mushrooming of carbon on the end of the wick.
  • Extinguish your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax and straighten. This will stop the wick smoking and will help with re-lighting the next time. Please remember the candles are hand poured, not massed produced- and although every effort is made to ensure consistency, every candle will be a little different. When using completely natural soy wax, sometimes you may notice darker patches or "wet" spots in your container candles. This is not a fault, simply a small blemish where the wax has not adhered to the glass 100%. The top of your candle may also appear slightly uneven, this is also a sign of natural soy wax being hand poured.
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